Why I Write

I’m writing like God put this pen and

paper in my hand

Opening my mind to lyrics

I can’t even understand

I’m writing for the earthquake that

occurred in Japan

I’m writing for the hunger and

starvation in Sudan

I’m writing for the girl that doesnt

know where to start

cuz every boy that she’s been with left her

with a broken heart

I’m writing for the blessed ones

I’m writing for the cursed

I’m writing like Charles Dickens

for the best of times and the worst

Why does wrong look right?

Why does right look wrong?

Why can’t people pay attention

to the words in a song?

I’m writing for the truth that was

there all along

I’m writing from morning

to noon until dawn.

I’m writing for the single mother

who’s crying ‘til she bleeds

cuz she just lost her job

and there is no money to feed…her seeds

I’m down on both knees begging my creator please

cure the disease and bless others to believe

—Hawa Fuseini