Who Am I?

I am a girl, a friend, and a child of God

I am a daughter…

A daughter who you carried for nine months in your womb

One who you have given a great amount of love to and cherished for 19 years

I am a daughter who will forever be grateful of having you as a mother

Who Am I

I am a human being

A human being who has a heart filled with emotions

Emotions that you have played with

You belittled me and treated me like an outsider

But I am worth more than what you think

I am a human being…

A human being who should be appreciated and treated with respect

And for that reason I have made the decision to stand on my own

So flee , flee away from me

Who Am I

I am your child

Your child who you abandoned along with her mother

Your child who has grown up without a perspective from a male’s point of view

Your child who you have made many promises to and failed to accomplish them

I am your child; your first child

I am a child who will remain your daughter to the day that you die

I am your child that wants to inform you that I am no longer upset with you

I have forgiven you for all that you have done

Who Am I

I am a girl

A precious gift from God

A beautiful young black woman

A young women in search of her purpose in life and

In search of what she will later become…

—Abigail Chenekan