Poison Ivy

Imitation of “Mushrooms”


Climbing plant, a commoner in this region

Ternate leaves, just leaflets of three.

Flowers displaying every shade of green.

Upon closer magnification,

Spotted by white berries.

Berries that carry the sac of life.

Glistening and garnished in oil,

Only to cause irritation on impact.

Armies marching across the wall,

With roots of purpose reaching for the sky.


The cycle has begun.

Water trickles into the abandoned

Cracks on the wall.

The lifeless wall mothers life.

The sun nourishes the outcast

A foreigner in its own world.

As it climbs for freedom

Its goal, its destination.

Born to thrive in any season

Born to thrive in its ragged, rough dwelling.


How can something reach for the sky,

But be overlooked?

Oil of brilliance

That poisons the flesh.

Berries of birth

Doomed to death.

Three leaflets of luck

Condemned to harm, rather than save.

Life thriving on the un-living wall,

Rather than on the soil of the living.


This poison is harmless to the owner, Maine

This poison is harmless to others.

It is only poison when it is faced with defenses.

The defense is the cycle that must end.

Whether the Ivy reaches its destination,

The sky of freedom it yearns for,

Past the rejection, failure, pain

Past the happiness, love and gain,

It is all up to the Ivy.

The oil that coats its life does not kill,

It is the poison of sin that becomes the poison of death.

 —Shade Akinmorin