Why I Write, by Hawa Fuseini*

Poison Ivy, by Shade Akinmorin*

Kept In The Dark, by George MacMillan*

Embrace the Night, by George MacMillan*

Spent & Lost, by Alex Vieria*

Dreaming and Subterfuge, by Kayla Hughes*

Below, by Brian Geisler*

The Mighty Briggs, by Brian Geisler*

The Queen, by Brian Geisler*

Small Voices at Midnight, by Kathryn Wells*

Pitter-Patter, by Valerie Tkach*

Unstructured, by Misael Santiago*

Last Virtue, by Brian Geisler*

The Weatherman’s Purpose, by Brian Geisler*

Crumbling Castles, by Brian Geisler*

Angel Maintenance, by Lola Cooley*

Wave, by Javeria Haroon*

Frozen, by Amy Toll*

Penn State, by Kayla Hughes

My Loss, by S.B.

The Radiant Jewel, by Dara Soeun*

A Baby Born King, by Shade Akinmorin*

Facebook, by Dan Meuleners*

Passers-By, by Brian Geisler

Snowmagaddon, by Kayla Hughes

Valentines Poem 2011, by Jason Leedom

Bitter Memories, by Reem Salih Alwashah

Parties, by Daniel Menold

Free As A Bird, by Shade Akinmorin

Breaking Point, by Reem Salih Alwashah

Wolf, by Kayla Hughes

Love Of My Life, by Reem Salih Alwashah

Where I Started, by Brian Geisler

Who Am I?, by Abigail Chenekan

Identity Loss, by Shade Akinmorin

Escape, by Javeria Haroon

The Ride, by Jason Leedom

Love You, by Amy Toll

In Rotation, by Reem Salih Alwashah

My Sorrow Now, by Brian Geisler

Leaves Falling, by Shade Akinmorin

My Brother My Best Friend, by Amy Toll

Sunny Days, by Marian Piecyk

An asterisk (*) denotes that the piece was published in the print version as well.

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