My Sorrow Now

From my nascence, I n’er hath known

A love that I but loved alone.

For then, as now, I could not see

The conscience alive inside of me.

‘Twas then each night the cosmos screamed

When down I laid myself to dream.

The lying sky seemed not so wide

Behind the clouds it went to hide

To block from us the sun who cried,

Holding Venus close to side.

I did not know, nor did I care.

The ocean rumbled in despair.

They all knew then, I made them see

The demon grew inside of me.

I knew the chaos from the start—

Evil roaming ‘round my heart.

Could feel no pity, sense no despair.

Emotion gone—I did not care.

The only pain I ever knew

Came alone to me in solitude.

And now in the mirror a demon stands.

My sorrow looks back—all that I am.

—Brian Geisler