My Loss

It was a cheery Wednesday morning in February

an unusually warm sunny day,

yet I never would have anticipated,

that the love of my life would soon be taken away.

I got a frantic call from my mother.

It made my heart tremble, so I panicked too.

I hung up and quickly ran to my car, tears down my face,

Although she barely gave me any clue.

Flying to emergency got me there in five,

I knew my daddy was in intensive care.

Alone, I sprint to the waiting room, barely knowing my way,

To find loved one’s teary faces and cries, and all I could do was stare.

The dark eyes and sunken faces of familiar faces,

loudly screamed at me something deathly and strong.

It was then that I was taken alone, this could not be good.

And in an instant my life shattered, it was not long.

Denial grew quickly within me, this was not reality.

Collapsing to the ground sobbing for my daddy back.

The doctor explained how he had no chance of surviving,

And from then on I knew in my life something would lack.

In every way possible my daddy was a soldier.

He was simply my hero, my savior, my knight.

I could not come to terms that he was shot.

It killed me that he was not given a chance to fight.

In that instant I hoped for a miracle,

Something that would wake my daddy and bring him to life.

But I soon realized that I needed to accept the pain,

And that the rest of life without him would be strife.

When the time finally came

That my hero could not hold on any longer,

I accepted that God and his angels were taking my daddy,

And it was in that moment that I became stronger.

The deep emotions of pain and sadness that I felt

I strongly know that no human should ever have to bear.

But, in this world we are faced with tragedies

That help explain why this earth is nothing of fair.

So now I will learn to grieve

To not internalize my pain and be mad.

There’s only one way to help me through this,

and that is to cherish all of the life-long memories we had.

In every sense my daddy was my hero,

the only person I could rely on too.

He was a man who would die for his family.

There was not a single thing for us that he would not do.

Living my life without him is unexplainable to you,

The deep loss that I suffered turned into pain I feel every day.

His everlasting memory keeps me going,

And that will be with me each and every step of my way.