My Beautiful Memory

It has been 4 months since she has left me. Well that is not completely true. I pushed her away. I have pushed many women away in my life; mainly because they brought a negative energy in my life. But this girl brought a positive energy into my life. She gave me a positive feeling. So many things happen between us that I remember.

One day we were having a conversation in my room. I forget how we stumbled upon this topic, but she told me she hates being tickled. Coincidentally, so do I. So I tried to tickle her (I play too much). She laughed but then she starts to tickle me back. I can withstand being tickled but not under my arm pits. Somehow, she managed to get to that forbidden area. I laughed so hard.

Then I grabbed her and held her close. Not to stop her from tickling me but because I wanted her to feel my heart beat (it was racing at this point). Then I placed some of her hair behind her ear and then I gently kissed her on her forehead. She smiled. I miss those moments. But as I said it has been 4 months since I pushed her away. She was a positive person in my life. Now she is a positive person in someone else’s life. No hard feelings. You are my beautiful memory.

—Sean Scott