Love of My Life

They say you don’t know what you got till it’s gone

So that’s why I keep holding on

Because without you in my life

I can only imagine my world would collapse

And that would only cause my heart to relapse.

I could write books about the pain I went through

But it wouldn’t even come close if I were to lose you.

So how about we start making promises to each other

The first one could be that we’d always be together.

Not in the sense that we have to be face to face

But just a reassurance that no one would ever take your place.

I promise to do my best to always make you smile

Because if you’re not happy, then neither am I

Now that our souls are combined

Every step of the way, I’m right behind

And I promise to give you my all…

 All that I am is just another part of you

Because everything I was looking for I found in you

I owe this life to you

You’re the air that I breathe that helps me through

Throughout the day you stay on my mind

Images of your beautiful face help me get by

After all these years, you were always the one

Even though it was hard, it was worth every step…

All the late night calls, and the tears I cried

I knew at the end of it, I’d end up smiling

And you’d end up mine…

And together, we’ll live out the rest of our lives

Because you will always be the love of my life

—Reem Salih Alwashah