Last Virtue

Oh Lady Cold, behold the night.

Become some godless awful fright.

Oh Lady Warm, become divine,

And hold your body close to mine.

Oh Lady Silence—Lady Death

Become these thoughts, become my breath.

Breathe our night, guide we blind.

Our passion now we intertwine.

We misconstrue antipathy

Thus breeds in us some sympathy

I taste the essence, taste the sin—

My hand upon your clammy skin.

Within your eyes you tantalize

The flesh of purity’s cold demise.

Oh Lady Sweet and yet discreet

A fire below scalds your feet.

Your face—a bright blue tapestry

With the silence breaks calamity.

An altar there of ecstasy

Sits deep below within the sea.

Lady Justice awaken me

Keep the sin with the sea.

Expose the tongue I yearn to kiss,

And so stay still precarious.

Oh Lady Strong—Lady Bold

Stand forthright still without your soul.

From my partition I have desire

To know you here within the fire.

Oh Lady Dark, inhale the mist

Damn me with forlorning kiss.

Lady Strong—Lady Bold

Looking young but feeling old,

Shed on me dark agony,

And take my fucking purity.

—Brian Geisler