In Rotation

I don’t understand why we keep doing this to each other…

so masochistic, we crave the pain…

and as much as we try to keep it together

we always end up hurting each other again.

Sadness is creeping up and settling in

You used to be my shield from all of this

But I feel as though I’ve lost my best friend.

I need us to go back to that place…

Where all you did was make me laugh with every word you said

Then at times I want to just walk away,

And in theory, it sounds so easy…

But I could never leave, and as much as I try

I couldn’t let go.

I guess I’ll just keep waiting, for the promises to become reality

They say time heals all, well I hope it cures this insanity…

Because love tends to drive you crazy

But I won’t put all the blame on you, because I’ve had my share to

And I gotta admit, at times,

 I like upsetting you…

only because I refuse to hurt alone

and be the only one left with a wound

so I guess we’ll  have these scars to remind us of what we went through

even with all the heartache, we live for the sweet moments too

at the end of the battle, we’ll still hear  an “I love you”

and forever we’ll fight because it’s a routine we’re used to

—Reem SalihAlwashah