It’s hard to imagine such a time

Where no sense would make this rhyme

A time before the friend request

Everyone did crave best

When people called to talk

Now we all just stalk

We all have our favorite friends

We hope these bonds will never end

But what about these countless others

Their thoughts upon our screen smothers

Oh hey what’s up? Text me I’m bored!!!

Oh look LeBron just scored!!!

He sucks another one must add

The Heat are just a fading fad

These posts go on and on and on

Filling infinity and beyond

Are they there to fill a void?

Even though we are constantly annoyed

To see their stupid thoughts appear

Or watch them down that ice cold beer

What then have we become?

What’s the meaning of our sum?

Instead of playing hoops outside

We wonder why our virtual pet has died

Why hangout with just one or two

It’s so easy to creep on a slew

To see what Mary Ann just said

OM, she’s dating Ned!!??

Tell Jim him the joke?

Nah I’m too scared, I’ll just poke

What’s the point? It’s easy fun

Talking’s so hard on everyone

It’s like a fetish one must inject

A block of time our schedule must respect

For he checks it every day and night

She likes to see the angry couples fight

Or see what pointless banter lies

On the screen for one’s sickly eyes

Instinctively they all login

Even before said day begin

At last the posts come charging through

UPDATE!! UPDATE!!! Tell me what’s new!!

Then it ends and begins again

As if it were all pretend

I am not sure what drives this craze

The minds of youth are a tangled maze

I do know one thing for sure

This is a site that has no cure

No drug can be engineered

To calm this blight it is feared

It is hard to remember such a time

When no sense would make this rhyme

—Dan Meuleners