They say you can’t hide the pain

It would cover you up and down in chains

I cover my ears until it blocks the negative thoughts of their brains

Until I find a perfect place to hide right around the corners of my soul

Right exactly when my first tear covers the canvas of my face.

Right exact place where I can built a wall of strength around my soul

My bricks are my words, my thoughts are my guest

And yes, my tears wash away all the defeats, after fighting the events of my fate

Until I reach a point where I need to choose

Choice number one, I can cry or I might choose to hold myself high

Even when I see myself internally burned and covered with smoke.

Then I make a choice after evaluating all the truths and lies

My choice is to “express myself like unforgettable headline of the front page news”

 To express myself

Until the night stays dark and cold

Until the life doesn’t need me to do my chores

Until the moon finishes its cycle

Until I finish the search of finding my own soul

Until then

I would save myself from my self

So I would give myself a chance to dream about my dreams

Until I try to understand life’s meaning

A series of events or eclipse of dreams

Until than no regrets, no expectations

No questions, no complains until then

—Javeria Haroon