Cowardly Lion

Mister Oz Sir, I come to you extremely lost.  My name is Simon; I have been running in place for quite some time now.  Yesterday, my day ran its usual course.  I woke up at 6:30 AM; stretched, then wiped the crust out of my eyes.  I got in the shower, and the first 15 minutes of my shower I used hot water and the last 5 minutes I used cold water.  Then I brushed my teeth the same exact way that I did the day before.  I used mouth wash for 2 minutes, and then I put the toothpaste on my tooth brush and brushed for 6 minutes.  I finished with 2 more minutes of mouthwash.

 At 7 o’clock AM, I got dressed, and I wear the same cloths every day.  I have ten shirts that are the same (white polo golf shirt), ten pants that are the same (dark blue jeans).  I even wear the same shoes every day.  It’s 7:15 AM exactly when I leave the house every day.  I arrive at work at 8 o’clock every morning.  Sometimes I think everyone in the world is working of the schedule that I have.  It annoys me how that bus driver is never one minute late picking me up, or one minute early dropping me off.  I work from 8 o’clock AM to 4 o’clock PM.  I get home at 5 PM.  I eat. I shower.  Then I watch TV until I fall asleep.  My days never change.  They don’t change because I try not to change them because of fear of what might happen.  Will I lose my job if I’m late?  I have been too scared to find out.  I’m tired of carrying fear with me every day.

I’m coming to you about it because I need a change.  I want the bus to be late or early.  I want to spend 8 minutes brushing my teeth instead of 10 minutes.  I’m tired of being a robot.  I have been in this town all my life.  I have yet to see anything the outside world has to offer.  I’m not afraid to lose my job or my house.  I’m afraid that when my clock stops ticking, I won’t be pleased how I have spent my time. I’m asking you, can you give me the courage to leave?  Can you grant me the strength to take steps in a different direction, and not look back?  I’m walking.

—Sean Scott