Breaking Point

Is it ever going to be over?

This feeling of unappreciation…

I swear I try to make sense of it all…

And I try to go back to when it was beautiful.

When every word you spoke to me was pure melodies to my ear

And the very thought of you made my heart weak

And when I saw your smile, it set me at ease

I thought love could be the cure to everything

But how can you love someone when you barely speak?

How is it we have all these pictures, but no memories?

What happened to what we USED TO BE?

What happened to the person that promised me everything?

But it’s my fault…for falling for the love quotes

And I’ve said it before; I hate liars and promise makers

So deceitful, whispering false hope disguised by sweet words.

And I believed it all, because I believed in you

Because you were my hero

Were… And I want to believe that you still are

And God knows I’ve tried

And I never failed to stick by your side

Because you’re the only thing that is occupying my heart

And at the same time, you’re tearing it apart

This isn’t you, not the same person I thought I knew

And sometimes I feel like I can’t even speak to you

Because nothing I say will ever get through

But this is what it’s going to come down to

I gotta start living for myself, and not for you

Because how can you love me if I don’t love myself too?

And how can it be about us when it’s always about you?

—Reem Salih Alwashah