Bitter Memories

You know something is wrong…

When even in your own house

You don’t feel at home

It’s a constant struggle…

And everywhere you go

You seem to run into trouble

What is a person to do?

When you feel there’s no place to go to

Trying to find the answers

But no one there to help you

A place full of people, yet still feel alone

Begging for some attention

Yet you’re still just a lost soul

Pain is so deep, it has you screaming

Doesn’t even matter when no one’s listening

I try to ease the pain by going to sleep

But I can’t even find comfort in my own dreams…

And your face still haunts me

It’s there, everywhere I go and in everything that I see

I was just a little girl…

How was it so easy for you to rip apart my world?

You corrupted my innocence…

Shattered my heart, and left me discontent.

And now forever will I be scarred

From all the baggage you left behind

I try so hard to get it out of my mind

But it’s as if my memories are stuck on rewind…

And I keep hearing your voice in the back of brain

And I swear it’s driving me insane.

One day, you’ll be the death of me…

And that will be the only way to get rid of this misery.

I hate you for what you’ve done to me

And forgiveness in my eyes is what you’ll never see.

—Reem Salih Alwashah