An Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from a collection titled Things Forgotten.

The sinking sun cast a dim light over the abandoned street. Shadows followed silently behind the trees and the orange glow of the land set fire to its surroundings. Autumn was in full effect. The shades of orange broke through each leaf and exploded onto every surface. A tree let go of a golden leaf and allowed it to spiral to the wet, underused street. A burst of sympathy overwhelmed the wind and so it stole the leaf and spun it in a new direction. Gravity tugged once more as the leaf was descending upon the earth. And then a warm, unfamiliar touch took hold of it and saved it from what would have been a familiar fate. The heat was intoxicating. A gentle hand caught and caressed the leaf until it too plunged for the ground. The road, made slick by the rain, grabbed the boy’s feet from under him and pulled him until the leaf was crushed in the palm of his hand. A feeble attempt to save the leaf was deemed unsuccessful and the boy went to find another leaf in distress.

—Kali Patchell